CMS Platforms  

Our expertise covers a range of CMS platforms. We'll help you ensure the system you choose boosts your business and satisfies it's online needs.

The web is is a rapid changing industry. Because of this, it's essential to choose an Content Managemtn System (CMS) that lets you easily update your website to stay with the times.

Which CMS?  

Which CMS is for me?

With an abundance of content management systems readily available, it may seem daunting to choose a CMS for your business' website. Rest-assured though, Webcomm can help you find the right CMS platform for your website. Some aspects to consider are:

  • What type of content does my website need?
  • Do I need to integrate with social networks?
  • Am I wanting to sell through my website?
  • Will I want to integrate a blog?
  • Will my website need to expand it's scope or functionality in the future?
  • How much traffic will my website attract?
  • Will I need to manage my website on the go (mobile)?

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