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There are two kinds of websites for business'. Ones that make you money and ones that save you money.

The web is constantly changing, as new technologies emerge. Our developers thrive on new technology, endlesly evalutating how it can help our clients achieve their goals quicker.

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Is your business wasting money on repetitive tasks that could be automated?

This is where web applications come in. Web applications (web apps) are applications that run through your web browser.

Webcomm take all routes into consideration for each web app we build. Client needs, the end goal all play a huge part in the engineering of a web app.

All web apps are built using an MVC architecture, which is beneficial as it separates the looks of the app from the functionality, which reduces development time and means future updates can happen without breaking existing code.

Why don't I just get a traditional app developed?

There are many advantages to web apps over traditional apps, including:

  • Zero install - all computers come with a web browser
  • Reduce business costs - spend less time repeating tasks that cost your business money.
  • Centralised data - makes backing up and security a breeze!
  • Quick and easy updates - because the app is stored in the cloud or on a server, once it updates, it's updated everywhere. No more running updates on every computer.
  • Available - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, reachable on any computer or device (such as a smart phone or tablet) that has access.
  • Cheaper hardware - can be used as the power lies in the cloud.
  • Scalable - the web app isn't limited by the power of a single computer, it is always fast and available. Want to add a new computer? No worries; no install process, just connect the computer to the network and vĂ³ila.

Why choose Webcomm for your custom web app?

Webcomm have been dealing with web apps for years and have the expertise required to help you achieve your business goals quicker and cheaper than you imagined! Get in contact today to get the ball rolling on your next web app.

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